Ijaya The Series

Ijaya Comic Series

Ase returns!
Mortals defy darkness
Will they prevail?

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about Ijaya

We are reimagining African folklores with a modern twist.

By depicting the cultural heritage and values using symbolism, and characters from ancient history. Ijaya comic breathes new life into our ancient stories, to inspire the younger generation to greatness and preserve the richness of African folklores

The Ijaya series

Read Ijaya, the Series.

Ijaya, the Series is our debut fictional tale, set in the vibrant city of Akamara in New Nigeria. This story is a suspenseful saga of a group of youth, heirs to the bloodlines of ancient warriors and deities. Gifted with the Ase of their ancestors, they are plunged into an epic battle between the Irunmoles of Orun Rere and the trickster Exu and his Irunmoles.

Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure where past and present collide in a suspense-laden narrative of power, destiny, and cosmic conflict!





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