Ijaya The Series

The Ijaya Series

2022 • Action/Adventure, Futuristic, Mysticism

Ijaya, the Series is a fictional story about a group of young people in a New Nigeria city named Akamara, who are direct bloodlines of ancient warriors and deities, and how they were given the powers of their ancestors to fight in the epic battle between the Irunmoles of Orun Rere and the fallen Exu and his Irunmoles.


The story takes place in the New Nigeria Republic, where after oil dried up in Nigeria, a civil war erupted, and a new government ousted the corrupt politicians. New cities began to rise, new industries began to develop, and the standard of living of an average citizen drastically improved.

With the kids having an Eifa priest known as Ishana as their assigned spiritual guide, the story shows the transitioning of these children from being ordinary kids to becoming heroes who save the world. From battling fallen Irunmoles and various Juju attacks from enemies, to their various adventures and trials in different realms of existence, the story shows their journey of finding their spiritual self.



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